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What does SkyTrak bring to your game?

Indoor Golf Using SkyTrak Golf Simulator and Courses

Indoor Golf using Sky Trak Golf Simulator and Courses

If you’ve been considering using the SkyTrak Golf Simulator and Courses at The Golf Studio, you’ve probably asked yourself whether it is worth the money. Sky Trak is not cheap, but it allows you to build your own courses and is available at The Golf Studio to use as a member. We take a closer look to discover how it works and what you can expect. Also, read on to learn why you should join The Golf Studio to take advantage of this superb piece of equipment.

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SkyTrak’s Golf Simulator and Courses

Whether you want to play a game of golf or practice putting, SkyTrak’s Golf Simulation and Courses are perfect for indoor use. Each of the software options offers its own unique capabilities, so it’s important to choose the one that will best suit your needs. The staff at The Golf Studio will help you to choose the best way for you to learn quickly and improve your golf.

The company developed the SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor to help you improve your game by capturing thousands of data points during your shot. This device gives you commercial-quality ball flight simulations. The software also features simulated championship golf courses in HD. With so many features, it’s easy to see why SkyTrak is the preferred indoor golf simulator.

The simulator features a full-range of golf courses that are more realistic than you’ll ever find in real life. You can also practice putting by selecting a hole from any of the 160 courses. The simulations come with a range of features that will improve your game, including ball flight physics for every shot. And with different game options, you can choose between match play and skins, as well as choose the type of game you want to play. If you’re not quite ready to play in a game, you can also practice on any hole of the course and hit a perfect golf shot.

Another unique feature of SkyTrak’s Golf Simulation and Courses is ProTee Play. This game is designed for gamers, but there are many other entertainment games, such as Pub Darts, Zombie Golf and Demolition Range. Each new game is updated regularly to keep the experience fresh. The simulator is available in four and five-player mode, and there is a virtual driving range.

SkyTrak Local Course Creation

SkyTrak features shot tracing, replays, and ball performance data. And, thanks to the special editor, you can create your own courses.

The SkyTrak Golf Simulator is one of the best golf simulators for use indoors. The Golf Studio features a high-quality short-throw HD projector and a screen instead of a net. In addition to these features, SkyTrak also offers a Game Improvement Package, which allows you to customize the simulation by adding a third-party software program. This program is highly detailed and can be utilised to provide accurate data of your home golf course.

The Golf Studio offers many unlimited golf courses to play at your leisure

Here at The Golf Studio we can combine to detailed analysis of the golf shot combined with the fun play of playing on famous golf courses. Every aspect of your golf game can be analysed and making it easier to improve your golf and confidence in playing. Here at our Sunderland HQ we can provide PGA Professional quality coaching from Neil Whinham who has over 20 years experience as a Professional Golfer.

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