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TaylorMade Performance Centre

Taylormade Golf Stealth Driver

The Golf Studio’s TaylorMade Performance Centre is a state-of-the-art facility, which is dedicated to providing the very best fitting of Taylormade clubs to enhance your game.

The Golf Studio’s pedigree of building clubs means we have the knowledge to fit any golfer correctly whatever their experience and skill level.

The ‘testing suite’ includes a SkyTrak custom fitting launch system that analyses real-time data of your golf game, enabling our TaylorMade custom fitters to fully understand your swing and launch conditions, to ensure you get perfectly matched TaylorMade clubs to suit your game.

At our unique TaylorMade Performance Centre facility we offer a comprehensive combination of shafts, heads and club specification not usually found at any other independent fitting centre.

Combine this extensive choice of specifications with up to the minute TaylorMade technical knowledge of our highly experienced TaylorMade trained club filters and you can rest assured our recommendations will be perfect for you.

TaylorMade Golf Performance Centre at The Golf Studio

The Golf Studio is home to the TaylorMade Golf Performance Centre. The facility delivers convenience to consumers with data on spin rates, launch angles, swing speed, and more. They are able to recommend the appropriate ball type for each player and customize their specifications based on those data. Moreover, they provide a single point of contact for future questions.

TaylorMade Performance Centre

The ultimate fitting experience for a golfer is the result of a custom fitting, which is a unique process where the golfer, fitter, and advanced technology are synergized. This process is known as the TaylorMade Custom Fitting philosophy. It starts with a detailed assessment to determine the golfer’s unique swing mechanics and personal fit preferences. In addition, the fitter will make adjustments to the golf club based on the player’s swing mechanics and swing style.

TaylorMade Performance Centre provides golfers of all skill levels and ability with an advanced golfing experience. The centre has state-of-the-art technology, including a Sky Trak launch monitor and the FIT-T system. This technology, along with the expertise of the fitter, can help an individual achieve maximum performance and optimize their golf game. According to TaylorMade, custom fittings at the TaylorMade Performance Centre have resulted in many happy clients.

Performance Centre’s custom fitting process offers the most comprehensive analysis of your swing to determine the correct equipment for your game. It can also help improve your game by adjusting the loft of your club. A proper fitting is essential for getting maximum performance. The staff at TaylorMade will recommend a club with the right loft for you. Once your club is fitted, the fitter will use advanced technology to fine tune your swing and make the most of your golf swing.

During your fitting session, you’ll try many different clubs and shafts, with a certified Master Fitter analyzing each club for the perfect fit. Each player will hit a battery of shots to ensure the fit is optimal. Additionally, the centre uses Sky Trak Launch Monitor Technology to pinpoint the optimal spec. You’ll also receive a full bag fitting analysis to identify your swing stance and club flex.

Demo heads

Whether you’re looking for a driver, hybrid, or irons, you’ll be able to find a demo model that’s right for you. These clubs feature the patented TaylorMade face technology to maximize face flexibility, increasing ball speed and forgiveness for low-face strikes. For an additional cost, you can even purchase a TaylorMade headcover, which emphasizes convenience and comfort.

Demo day is an opportunity to experience the latest golf equipment in person. Great place to try a new TaylorMade driver for yourself. There are a variety of new drivers coming out in 2022 including the new Stealth Driver which is here, so be sure to check out the new models and find your perfect fit!

Natalie Gulbis

If you’re looking for an aspiring professional golfer, you should consider Natalie Gulbis, who was ranked No. 2 in the world in 2017. The young star has been working with the company since 2005, and has won several prestigious tournaments, including the Evian Masters in 2013. She has also authored a book on how to improve your game, as well as written articles for magazines and websites. Her endorsement deals with companies like TaylorMade and Adidas, and her own advice column in FHM, are testaments to her determination and work ethic.

Natalie Gulbis discussed her experience of working with TaylorMade’s in-house golf performance center. She also spoke about the importance of custom fittings, which are vital to improve performance. TaylorMade-adidas Golf offers a state-of-the-art fitting location in Carlsbad, California. Using a custom-fitting system, Gulbis has had no issues with changing her clubs. She added an extra degree of loft to her JetSpeed Driver, which she said provided her with an additional 10 yards of distance.

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