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Get Fitted with Wilson Staff Golf Clubs

Get Fitted with Wilson Staff Golf Clubs

Here are ten reasons why you should be fitted for Wilson Staff Golf Clubs:

  1. Your irons will hit more straight. If you conduct a simple test of your lie and fitting your partner, they will be able to identify any issues with direction that you might be experiencing because of your irons or hybrids. When you’ve got a correct lying position, it makes it simpler to play the ball more precisely.
  2. The control of distance will be improved. In addition to achieving the correct lie angle, you’ll have your lofts inspected too. Lofts that are gapped consistently will ensure you’re hitting each iron at in a similar distance and the distances of clubs remain comparable also. For instance, you could hit two clubs at exactly the same distance due to your lofts not being in line. After this has been corrected, you’ll be able to control your club better.
  3. You can drive the ball further and straighter if you use a head and shaft combination that complements the way you drive your driver.
  4. Your wedge skills will get better. When you get your clubs fitted to check the loft of your wedges and ensure that the gap between lofts are even. Fun Fact: Having that bounce from your clubs matched to the terrain you play in will enhance your game. If you’re greater bounce, then your golf club is better suited to courses with soft sand and those with less bounce are more brittle fairways and harder sand.
  5. Making sure the lie, length and the loft of your putter are in line with your putter’s swing placing your accuracy, distance control, and even feel will increase.
  6. If the clubs you use are right for you, you’ll be able be more comfortable whenever you use the clubs. It won’t be a problem in case you have to slam to the club, or move your wrists around every when you swing the club.
  7. There’s been a change in golf clubs, therefore there’s bound to be an evolution in a golf swing. Modern clubs that are suited to your current swing is going help you.
  8. Save money by buying the right equipment for your swing, and not the latest clubs from the most popular company.
  9. There’s a lot to learn while fitting. You’ll be able to understand how specifications for clubs affect ball flight, and what changes to the specifications will enhance your game. You’ll discover which clubs are best for you.
  10. Primary reason you should be fitted is to perform better golf.
  11. Last but not least you get FREE membership with any custom fit Wilson Staff Golf Club when ordered in July.

Contact the Golf Studio to speak to one of our Golf Pro’s regarding setting up an appointment to be fitted to clubs, or come in for a demo of clubs taking place in the range. We’re happy to help you with getting better at golf.

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