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TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver

Introducing the TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver. TaylorMade Golf Company transformed the course in driver technology last year with the innovative Stealth Carbonwood(tm). These drivers feature the lighter, more efficient 60X carbon Twist face(tm). Stealth 2 Plus and Stealth 2 Stealth 2 Plus Stealth 2 are now available.

Stealth 2. Carbonwood drivers combine the speed of Stealth and technological advances to offer a new level in forgiveness.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver – Inverted Cone Technology

Stealth 2’s new face design is based on the speed-producing performance the original 60X Carbon Twist Face, which maximized energy transfer to achieve fast balls. Stealth 2’s most recent face design features an advanced version Of Inverted Cone Technology (ICT). The ICT technology is brand new. ICT was created to maintain the ball’s speed on off-centre strikes and to improve forgiveness, or as we prefer to call it: forgiveness.

A prominent ICT means a more prominent ICT. This results in a face around the edges and a larger central facial, which is designed to increase speed along the outer edges. Stealth 2. Stealth 2. The facial features of the Stealth 2 are only 24g in weight (which is less than the original Stealth faces). It was designed to increase the COR area and provide greater efficiency and a larger sweet spot for all faces.

There are two ways to increase forgiveness: optimizing the face or optimizing your body. After the 60X Carbon Twist Face in Stealth 1 that led to an increase in ball speed for all skill levels and skill levels of golfers, Stealth 2 aims to improve forgiveness in all three versions. Our new face construction, which focuses on forgiveness on exteriors of the face, and a completely new modular Carbon-based construction was revealed. Tomo Bystedt Senior Director of Production Creation

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver – The Carbon revolution has improved

Stealth 2 Plus Hero 3

Stealth 2 is TaylorMade’s first ever driver that has the highest volume of carbon (including composites). In the last five years, TaylorMade’s carbon consumption has increased steadily. Comparing it to the original generation Stealth, there is a 75% increase in Stealth 2 Plus carbon usage and nearly the same amount in Stealth 2. Stealth 2 HD.

What does it mean to have more carbon? Carbon is more carbon. This means that there is an extra mass of discretionary. It can be moved to increase moment of inertia (MOI), and the best CG location. Stealth 2 Plus engineers have been able to increase the total MOI with the addition of carbon. Stealth 2 Plus driver is nine percent more than Stealth Plus.

Stealth 2 drivers have carbon, which include the Carbon Crown, Carbon Reinforced composite ring, Carbon Sole, Carbon Sole, and the 60X Carbon Twist Face. Stealth 2 clubheads have no elements made from steel. The titanium collars are on the top of the club and hold the hose. They also frame the face, as well the weights at the rear and front.

Engineers were able to create a more complex and useful shape by using the additional Carbon Reinforced Ring.

“The carbon body, which is modular in design and is part of Stealth 2, represents TaylorMade’s commitment to carbon as the primary materials in every TaylorMade driver that we create. Stealth’s innovations were just the beginning of the performance we could achieve with this technology platform. The carbon-based head has revolutionized how we can place the driver’s weight and allows us fine-tune spin, launch, and MOI for all three Stealth 2 model drivers. “Tomo Bystedt, Senior Director Product Creation. Tomo Bystedt Senior Director Product Creation


Stealth 2 continues to make the same technological advances that made the original Stealth driver an innovator in all levels of golf.

The 60X Carbon Twist Face is covered in a polyurethane cover. This covers adjusts spin and launches the system, making it the most reliable regardless of weather conditions.

The Inertia generator is still the primary source of aerodynamic performance. This allows for a smooth, fast head design that helps in the generation and maintenance of downswing speed. It also ensures a very high MOI for all levels of golfers.

TaylorMade’s Through Slot Speed Pocket(tm), designed to increase ball speed and provide forgiveness for low-face hits, has been developed by TaylorMade.

TaylorMade drivers love the sound and feel that Stealth 2 has. Our engineers spent hours designing the perfect acoustics. To create a vibrant and powerful audio profile, we used a combination of the carbon-panel curvature and thickness.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver – Performance COMPARISON STEALTH2 PLUS STEALTH2 HD, STEALTH2 and STEALTH2 HD


Stealth 2 Plus ADR
Stealth 2 Plus FACE

Engineers were able to incorporate a 15g weight track to help golfers dial in their shot shape. This is done by shifting the sole’s mass to achieve the perfect ball flight. The Stealth 2. Plus is the Stealth 2’s most efficient driver.


Stealth 2 ADR
Stealth 2 FACE

Stealth 2’s newly rebuilt driver delivers excellent MOI performance due to the 25g tungsten weight set in the Inertia Generator. The driver’s TSS (TaylorMade Swingweight System), weight is located on the sole. This ensures the best spin and launch properties. It also allows the driver to adjust to a particular swingweight. Stealth 2 HD has a carbon ring. It is clearly visible at the address in red, in contrast to Stealth 2 Plus.


Stealth 2 HD ADR
Stealth 2 HD FACE

Engineers used weight savings from the body’s full-body carbon structure to move the Inertia generator’s heavy 30g weight closer towards Stealth 2HD. This created high draw-bias, and launched with a high MOI. Stealth 2 HD is among the most stable and tolerable drivers.

Stealth 2 HD women’s

Stealth 2 HD Womens ADR
Stealth 2 HD Womens Face

Stealth 2 HD Women’s driver has a lighter headweight than the HD model and a distinct color to improve the clubhead’s speed. The high MOI head design allows for a smooth, high-speed launch. You can also draw in the bias.

Specifications and AVAILABILITY Pricing

Stealth 2 Plus and Stealth 2 HD drivers are available for preorder starting January 10. They will be available for purchase by Feb 17.

Stealth 2 Plus is priced at just PS529/EURO 669 SEK 7,299/NOK 6,799/DKK 4,999/CHF 689. It’s available in lofts of 9deg, 8deg and 10.5deg. You have the option of shaft options such as Mitsubishi Kai’li Red 60, (X S), and Project X HZRDUS Black 60 (Gen 4) 60, (X/6.5 or S/6.0). Stealth 2 Plus is available with Golf Pride’s ZGrip Plus Red/Black (52g).

Stealth 2 Stealth 2 HD and Stealth 2 Stealth 2 come with a RRP of €649 SEK 6,999/NOK 6,499/DKK 4,899/CHF 669. You can choose from 9deg or 10.5deg lofts. Stealth 2 shafts include Fujikura Ventus RedTR 5 (S R. A.,), and Mitsubishi Diamana S+60 (X S. and R). The Stealth 2 HD shaft range includes Fujikura Speeder 50 (S) or 50 (R, A, R). Both models come with the Golf Pride Z-Grip Plus 2 (52g), grip.

The Stealth 2HD women’s model has 10.5deg and 12deg lofts. It also comes with Adila Ascent Ladies 45 shaft and Lamkin Women’s Sonar (38g grip).

Our custom department offers many shafts and grips to choose from. We can customize the golf club that suits you best.

MySTEALTH 2 Plus IN YOUR Element

TaylorMade continues its investment in personalization by introducing The MyStealth 2 Program to allow golfers to have more advanced features within their Stealth 2 Plus Model.

  • Face Colour: Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Bright Green, Pink, Orange, Purple
  • Color: Black Silver, Gold and White.
  • Crown Finish Gloss, or Matte
  • The Top Line You have the option of choosing between white and black.
  • Sightline Logo (or No Logo
  • Weight Colors: Silver or Black
  • A custom headcover for MyStealth 2.
MyStealth 2 Plus Black and Gold
MyStealth 2 Plus Family 1

MyStealth 2 has a RRP of €759 SEK 8,349 SEK 8,349, CHF 779 or DKK 5,699. It is also available in the Stealth 2 Plus model with 9deg and 10.5deg lofts in the RH as well as in the LH. Pre-orders are open at starting January 10, and will be available at The Golf Studio & Aslan Golf starting February 17.

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