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Why custom fit clubs?

Why Custom Fit Clubs – Like fingerprints we are all different. Yes we might be the same height as one of our golfing pals but are we as flexible? Are our legs length the same? Upper body strength? Arm length? Power in the downswing? Hand size? As with the a game that has so many variables so it is with the golf swing. Hardly surprising when read the above and this is where custom built clubs come into the frame and shine.

The word CUSTOM seems to strike fear into the heart of many a golfers wallet but in reality they actually offer far better value to you. We plan for our customers to use their new irons for at least 5 years and quite probably more. Drivers, well in reality most people like to change a little more often than that but your still looking at 3 – 4 years and once again quite feasibly more.

Other key factor here is time. Let’s face it we could all do with a bit more time to play, to practice, to go and visit new golfing venues and even to grab a quick golfing break with your crew and that’s just on the golfing front! No doubt there are a countless amount of other commitments in your life and all of this is eating into potential time for reaching your goals in golf.

Would you want to risk purchasing golf clubs that may not be ideally suited to you for the sake of saving a few pounds on what appears to be a good deal? Would a beautiful suit from last seasons collection reduced from £999 to £599 be a good deal if it was the wrong size? Not likely unless your planning on some serious eating ahead or were needing to shed a few pounds!

If you buy an ill fitting set of clubs for £349 in a sale and then go on to waste 6 months, a year or worse still EVEN longer was that set a good deal? Not only have you wasted £349 but how much of your precious time gone up in smoke? Please don’t waste any more time with the wrong kit!

Seems a good time to mention that we can fully custom fit and hand build irons from a major club manufacturer from as little as £349.00…

A FACT that holds many golfers back in their progress in golf is ill fitting clubs. This is not to say that they are unable to manipulate their swings to still hit good golf shots some of the time. Hence lots of golfers making do with the wrong kit. But to achieve these good shots parts of their ideal natural swing will be being compromised. That could be the quality of their posture, weight dispersion at impact, face angle to target at impact, level of tension created in the swing, I could go on….but here is the GREAT NEWS…

Just as ill fitting clubs have many potential negative effects on a golfers swing you’ll be very pleased to know that correctly fitted club have exactly the opposite effect. They help you to swing it better. They get you in a better address position, they allow you to hit more committed golf shots. When you are hitting the ball nicely you’ll know exactly what’s happening with the face of the club and again I could go on…


Sky Trak at The Golf Studio